On Friday I attended the Mind the Product conference in London. I've now returned primarily to the world of hands-on-development but this time last year I was doing some product management, and it's something I expect to return to. What follows are my notes, photographed straight from my note book, so all spelling mistakes or misquotes are entirely my own. Also, it's worth remembering that these notes are for me, so your mileage may vary.

Each speaker has 2 images - the first is the notes page (stuff they said), and the second an asides page (stuff they referred to or recommended looking at). 

Session 1: Marty Cagan

Cagan notes

Cagan asides

Session 2: Tom Chi

Tom Chi Notes

Tom Chi asides

Session 3: Tom Hulme

Tom Hulme Notes

Tom Hulme asides

Session 4: John Earner

John Earner Notes

John Earner asides

Session 5: Charles Adler

Adler notes

Adler asides

Session 6: Hannah Donovan and Matthew Ogle

Jam notes

Jam asides

Session 7: Tom Loosemore

Tom Loosemore notes

Tom Loosemore asides

Session 8: Tom Coates

Tom Coates notes

Tom Coates asides

An interesting day. I could have listened to Marty Cagan pretty much all day if I'm honest, and I think his was the talk that actually, really, hit the product management topic square on. It was well organised, and enjoyable. I'll definitely keep an eye out for next years.