Relaunching the message in a bottle

On Boxing day we took Skitters for a walk along Botany Bay beach near Margate. I noticed a plastic bottle on the beach and decided to investigate. In it was a message. So we opened the bottle and unfurled the message. It was dated Christmas day and looked to have launched from the neighbouring beach. So it hadn’t exactly gone far. I noted down the email address that was on the message. And then we resealed and relaunched the bottle. We stood on the beach and watched it for a while. It seemed to be staying out but wasn’t exactly heading away from the shore. We weren’t optimistic.

Once we got back to the house, we emailed the launcher to tell her what we’d done. And we sent her this photo. We got a reply thanking us for returning it to the sea and saying she’d get in touch if she heard more about it.

Today we got an email from her to tell us that “our” bottle had landed. Somebody found it yesterday on the beach of Saint Martin en Campagne, near Dieppe, in France.

This makes me happy.