As organiser of Madgex Photography Workshop #2, I drew the (very) short straw of doing my 8 photos on the final day.  So, prior to handing the cameras in to Colourstream, I attempted my 8 shots.  As a reminder, the brief was: 

  1. a number
  2. something taken from ground level
  3. a Brighton landmark
  4. something red
  5. a dog
  6. shoes (this one is in tribute to lomokev and his fine collection of shoes and feet photographs)
  7. street art
  8. the person you're handing the camera over to

My attempts were:

A number - actually lots of numbers


Something taken from ground level - these guys were jumping from surface to surface until I turned up with the camera, then the guy on the right waved at me, so I thought I'd take the photo then

From ground level

A Brighton landmark - due to limited time I chose the nearest place to my work place, the pavilion...

Brighton Landmark

Something red - probably my favourite of my photos


A dog - not enough time to get home and take a photo of my lovely dog but I fortunately found one tethered outside a cafe in Bond Street


Shoes - I wasn't the only one to take a photo of the display outside this shop


Street art

Street Art

the person you're handing the camera over to - in my case it wasn't so much a person, as a shop

Person handing the camera over to

The feedback was generally positive, people had enjoyed the challenge but had found it much more difficult than the last challenge (which allowed the use of any camera, any post processing etc). At least a couple of people appreciated the fact that it totally levelled the playing field (which was kind of the point).

Some of the participants did really well - quite a few of them got all the photos in order, and some of them managed to get a theme running through them all. The most impressive theme was books, with each photo representing a different book title - i.e. Catch 22 (for number), Brighton Rock (using the Brighton word lights from the pier (landmark) and a stick of rock) etc. The winner image(s) from the different themes are now all displayed on the notice board at work for everyone to look at and appreciate.

Madgex Photography Challenge #2 - the winners