Last week saw the 2nd Madgex hackday. There were 6 teams, with 24 hours each, to work on a project of our own choosing. We were the biggest team of 5 people on the day and focussed on implementing a templating language for ASP.NET based around the concept of django's templates. Our hacking went well and by the end of the day we had a working subset of tags.

On Friday we all had to present our projects, and quite a wide range had been done from social policy research, a project documentation creator, a tool for deployments, a tool for managing the status of changes waiting to be deployed, and finally a table football webcam (so that the people on the other floors can check that the table is empty before appearing for a game). Our project won, and so we have custody of the cup until the next hackday.

All in all it was an excellent opportunity to work with different people and to investigate some new ideas. Thanks Madgex!