Over the past month or so since getting a MacBook, I've bought a couple of pieces of software.

The first was MoneyDance, a money management tool. I've been a user of Quicken for over 10 years and so moving on was quite a wrench, but Moneydance so far has proved to be excellent, and despite there being a Quicken Mac version, Quicken no longer support the UK. Very easy to use, similar enough to Quicken to make the transition relatively straightforward. My history remains in Quicken due to a perculiarity in the way that QIF files work - when you attempt to input transactions, they seem to get double counted when they are transfers between accounts. MoneyDance comes with a really decent trial (restricting to 100 or so transactions) meaning that you can get a good feel for the tool before having to buy it.

The second was Transmit a FTP transfer tool. I tried Cyberduck briefly but it kept crashng on me when I tried to copy multiple files over. My main use for an FTP transfer tool is to upload photos, and so being able to handle lots of files is really important to me. As with Moneydance the trial period is long enough to get a feel for the reliability of the product.