Last night, Rosie and I headed off to Google to attend the London Women in Engineering Tech Talk. I've never been to the Google offices before, although Richard has, and I must admit that this was part of the appeal. Additionally, I'm on holiday at the moment and so knew that the 6pm start wasn't going to be a problem.

The talk was "The benefits of putting objects into boxes, using pencil and paper" by Dr Sophia Drossopoulou and was quite technical in places, needing me to pull out some long discarded set theory from the recesses of my mind. All very interesting though.

Both during the drinks reception, and the meal it became apparent to both Rosie and I that a different crowd of people attended this event than attend either the Brighton Girl Geek Dinners or the Sussex Geek Dinners. Firstly, being in Brighton, it is very easy to forget about the world of computing outside of the web, we are so web focussed down here. Secondly, a lot of the people I spoke to were academics, either studying for a PhD or having recently completed one. This made for some interesting conversations, finding out about research into various different (non-web) areas.

I visited the toilets and was amused by the "Testing in the toilets" newsletter that was on the door. Rosie pointed out that the content had been made into a public blog with a link to the pdfs to allow you to download and display the latest post. Seems like a novel idea to me.

On leaving we were given a bag of girlie goodies, and sitting on the train Rosie and I pooled our goodies with huge smiles on our faces.


Note: I asked about taking photographs, and was told that I could only take photos in the presentation room, so that is why my flickr set doesn't have any photos of food, the canteen or any of the artwork. The Automation Testing Conference in September didn't have the same restrictions, so the flickr group for that has some google office pictures.