A slightly different week in that some of the lockdown measures have been lifted. The only ones we’ve taken advantage of are going out for exercise twice in a day and driving further afield for weekend walks. Otherwise, it’s been much the same for us.

Workday morning walks were on the beach as usual (no photos this week).

Tuesday evening online choir. This is my setup.

On Thursday evening we had a post-work dog walk at Withdean Park - the first time we’d been out to walk the dog twice in a day since March. An excellent transition ritual to be able to reintroduce. (Again, no photos, I was too busy savouring the chance to be outdoors twice in one day)

Non-workday walks back at St Leonard’s Forest, bringing me a sense of peace and joy.

A few makes - scones, cookies, more flatbreads (no photographic evidence of the latter, we ate them too quickly!)

And a lot of bird visitors to the garden - they seem to be approving of our replacement bird feeder. Love this ‘happy accident’ photo - I was aiming for a photo of it eating, but instead got it flapping off.