The end of another week of lockdown. By my calculations, today is day 50. It feels like there are many more yet to come. I’ve lost all sense of time. I can’t work out how long it feels, but it feels longer than 7 weeks.

This week had more morning beach walks.

I attended week 3 of choir online. This week I had a collection of penguins helping me learn my part. Many years ago, Vanessa made the Alto 2s ‘huddle together like penguins’ at one rehearsal to help us stick to our part. We’ve often referred to ourselves as the ‘penguin pack’ ever since.

More weekend walks at Withdean. I’m looking forward to going a bit further afield this weekend as the restrictions start to lift a little, but I’ve loved the time I’ve spent in the woodland. I’ve loved watching the dog sniff and scamper around. It feels like being around trees is good for my soul, heart and head - my whole body goes ‘Ahhhhh’.

A pigeon has started visiting our garden to nibble on the sunflower seeds. The dog isn’t keen and stares at it.

There have been a lot of makes and bakes this week. Including a hanging pot, eye serum, flatbreads (2 different kinds), cookies and some cheese scones.

And finally, there has been more beauty to behold in the garden.