Restrictions are lifting. Which leaves me wondering how much longer I do a weekly photos post for. Do I stop when life feels more normal again? When I can see a friend and give them a huge hug, when I can go to an event, or when I can walk down the street without being hyper-aware of where everybody else is? Or do I stop before that? Because right now, that feels a long time away, to be honest. These posts started as a way to record what I did manage to do during this period, of what I noticed, and enjoyed seeing. I’ve noticed things this week, so there’s a post.

Morning walks along the beach - bumped into a friend yesterday morning, super lovely to see her, but really sad not to be able to give her a huge hug.

A couple of post-work day walks, one at Withdean, one at Hollingbury Hill Fort.

I met a friend on Friday for a walk along the beach. We made it to the marina. The first time I’ve been there in ages. It was lovely to see her, and again odd not to be able to hug her.

We had our weekend walks in the forest, but there are no photos this time.

As usual, there were some makes and bakes during the week. A colourful lunch, some scones (lemon and blueberry this week), some cookies, and another macrame pot-holder for a pot of mint.