Tuesday 24 to Monday 30 March

Initially, we started lockdown by taking Skitters to Devils Dyke for a decent walk in the middle of the day. This was allowed under the rules as we understood them.

On Friday, we took a (far too busy for our liking) walk on the beach. We took advantage of the police presence to get clearance about what we should be doing to exercise the dog. There had been different interpretations floating around the news and social media, and we were confused. We ended up being filmed and shown on the local news as part of a piece about the police moving people on. Which wasn’t our situation at all, but provided a useful reminder that what we see depicted on a screen isn’t necessarily what is actually going on.

So our walks changed to be earlier in the day and closer to home. Withdean Park is the furthest we’ve travelled since then.

And I baked more cookies.