Lincolnshire Little Waffle hat

When I went to Ally Pally for the Knitting and Stitching show I picked up a ball of variegated grey Aran yarn with the intention of making another hat out of it. I often wear hats. And I like making hats as they’re generally not a huge amount of effort and are quite a fun challenge.

I had a weekend away planned, and so I decided that I’d make a hat during the break. After a quick look through the hats I’d queued up on ravelry, I ended up buying this pattern and making a little waffle hat - this is different in design to the previous hats I’ve made as it works up flat and then gets sewn together at the end.

The yarn was nice to work with, although it was a nightmare to unravel. The pattern worked well. The only issue I had really was that the yarn would have worked better on a round by round or spiral hat as these would have shown off the subtle colour changes much better than the working flat and join at the end method did. I deviated from the pattern at the end as by the time I’d worked out how the joining worked the yarn had knotted itself together and could no longer be unraveled. So, I picked up a needle, and basically did the same joins with a needle.

A really fun pattern, and a fun hat as the end result. The pom pom adds such a lot — without it I thought it was ok with it I think it is great.)

As an aside, and of more relevance to ‘in the round’ style hats, I’ve just found this excellent resource which I’ll be referring to when appropriate. I wish that all pattern writers put “at this point it should be about xcm/inches” against different parts of the pattern so that I could judge whether I needed to make adjustments or not. This pattern seemed to be sized to my natural style so all was good. I already have plans to make another one to match a scarf I have plans to weave. And I have another of Liz’s patterns downloaded and yarn bought to make a hat for Richard with (he knows about it — he chose the yarn — it’s not a surprise.)