This year and last we've used some of my photos to create moo greetings cards to send to family and friends. Over summer I started thinking about next year's cards (not that I was organized enough to sort out this years that early, but I had a moment of inspiration) and started planning what I'd need. My intention is to create a set of photos using a lego minifigure santa. Earlier on this month I braved the lego store to go and see what they had to offer me, and found none. So, I had to rely on good old ebay. A couple of weeks ago my lego santa arrived, and he's happily been taking part in our Christmas activities and festivities.

Firstly he took a look at a Christmas card we'd received


Then he helped us prepare our Christmas cards for posting


He has helped us look for presents on the internet


Helped make gingerbread men


And stopped for a well deserved glass of wine


I've no doubt that he will be continue to be busy and involved as the festive season continues, but thought his current adventures should be shared.