Superheadz display in Kiddyland

When we were in Tokyo earlier in the year, I found a collection of cameras for sale in Kiddy Land and couldn't resist coming home with a photographic souvenir.  I chose the cheapest of the Superheadz cameras I could (my Blackbird, fly is by Superheadz so I figured it was a low risk purchase).

It is a very simple camera, but with a lovely wide lens (22mm) and is incredibly light for carrying around.  It takes 35mm film and has a slightly rubberised surface.  These cameras come in different colours, with different names.  Mine is the Blue Ribbon, because it's blue.  They are also available in other colours, each with their own names, which makes finding photos taking with them on flickr more of a challenge.

I have now taken 5 films with this camera.  4 of them using the delightful Kodak Ektar 100 film.  1 of them cross processed using Agfaphoto CT Precisa.

My observations are:

  • it is incredibly light, and so really very portable and great for taking out with the dog
  • the lens is so wide, that keeping my fat fingers out of the way can sometimes be challenging
  • there is quite a lot of vignetting normally, so cross processing a film makes it ultra vignetty
  • loading and unloading a film is very simple
  • it loves Kodak Ektar 100 (but then again, so do I!)

Some sample photos:

Richard, Skitters and Wastwater in the background

Skitters on the beach

Fast moving Skitters

White house in mist

More photos can be found on my flickr stream under the tag blue ribbon