The Camera

My main camera at the moment is a Canon G3. I've had it for 4 years now, and I still love it. We have produced some really pleasing images between us. I've bought a lot of additions for it over the years, including a spare battery (although to be fair the G3 battery has always been excellent).

The Accessories

I have 2 52mm lensmate lens adapters. I have a 52mm lenscap and a set of different filters.

The filters I have are:

  • a 52mm Circular Polariser
  • a 52mm 1A filter
  • a 52mm diffuser
  • a ND4 Neutral Density filter
  • a 52mm cross filter
  • a set of close up filters (+4, +2, +1)

I have 2 additional lenses:

  • a Kenko 2.0x Teleconverter (KNT-20)
  • a Raynox 0.72x Wide Angle lens (DCR-720)

The Case

I store my camera in a LowePro case, which has enough space for the camera, a remote control and a spare card. I've had the case as long as I've had the camera, and it has lasted very well.