The Camera

I'll start with the easy bit, my everyday camera. I carry an Olympus FE-130 with me most of the time for those occasions when carrying my proper camera is too much. I originally bought this camera to take snowboarding with me, as I didn't want the bulk or risk or my other camera, but it now travels around in my work bag, as well as in my handbag at weekend.

The FE-130 doesn't have any manual settings but the scene selection functionality works pretty well and allows me to control some of the settings, I've used the snow scene pretty extensively and it seemed to do a very good job. It takes AA batteries, which is absolutely fine for me for this camera. It uses an XD card which is a slight frustration as my other cameras have been CF, and my next camera is probably going to be SD so I'm getting a great collection of storage media.

All in all a great everyday camera, has its limitations, obviously, but for £65 it has proved to be excellent value for money.


The Case

I carry this camera around in a Hama DF15 Fancy Funny case. It's bright red, and offers a reasonable level of protection. I didn't want too bulky a case as it has to be able to fit into the pocket of my snowboarding jacket. The case wouldn't be sufficient for me for a better camera, but it does just fine for this one, and at £3.99 I have absolutely no complaints to make.