After the keynote at MacWorld today I thought I'd see if there was an update available for my iPod Touch yet.

No idea, just an error telling me that the update server could not be contacted. Hmm, either a genuine error or too many people trying the same thing?

I'm also planning on paying the £12.99 ($20) for the January Software Upgrade to make the most of the Mail application but I want to get the upgrade to 1.1.3 first.

I've been using my iPod Touch for 3 or so weeks now and really like it. The interface is great, the screen is lovely (shame I managed to scratch it (don't believe any of the "it's unscratchable" rumours) - at least I've got some nice screen protection now and a great rubberised case). One of the applications I'm really missing is an interface to Last fm so I'm hoping that when the developer kit gets released, an authorised application will be written.