From 1982 until the early 2000s Mum kept a daily diary. It's a journal style thing - what she did, who she visited, where she went to.

A few weeks ago I started ploughing through a couple of them looking for references to choir to help on the Music chapter of the storyline project (which was delivered the other day). In doing so I stumbled across some lovely quotes, which I tweeted. Two people suggested a ”Stuff my Mum said” twitter feed, and last week I set that up.

It’s called 30YearsAgoToday and I have used twuffer to queue up about 3 weeks worth of tweets, all from her 1982 diary. I've just selected one or two sentences from the entry, sometimes because the wording made me giggle, sometimes because it seems important or relevant or just because it feels pertinent.

I've scheduled them for around the 9pm mark as this seems to make sense for a daily update. They've been active for a couple of weeks now, and I love getting them in my timeline every day. My little bit of reflection into Mum’s life. For example, the day before my birthday is a reference to a cake that didn't go to plan, and ended up in a trifle. I remember a cake that went wrong, but I didn't know which birthday it was, or even whose birthday.

I'm finding this delightful - this bit of the storyline project is just for me, and I’m fine with that.