I popped into WHSmiths after work to buy some wrapping paper. Whilst I was there I spotted this.

Internet Password Book

So I picked it up to have a look at it. And discovered that on the bottom of the front page

Please read carefully

was this disclaimer

Weasel disclaimer

which made me shudder.

As if encouraging people to write down passwords wasn’t bad enough. Telling them that if they do, and their accounts get hacked because they’ve written them in this book, then it’s not our fault just made me a bit cross. It feels irresponsible. And I didn’t spot any helpful text in the book on how to manage your passwords more securely either.

Oh, and if you read the product description on the WHSmith web site it says “Fastens with a purple elastic to keep your details safe and secure.” I rather think their meaning of secure is a little different to mine.