As I’m happily working two days a week with eConsult at the moment, I’ve got some spare time to do some voluntary work. As is probably true for many of us my voluntary work to date has been a little every now and again - I write letters for the Silver Line, and for From Me To You - but I haven’t done much other volunteering that wasn’t just about fundraising. At about the time I started my testing role I saw an advert from the Martlets asking for volunteers to help visitors find the snails, keep the snails looking at their best, helping people with the app, and generally being an ambassador. It was a project that fitted in with my contract time, my love of Brighton, and sculptures, and the message of #BeMoreSnail resonated with me. So I applied and was accepted.

Orange fleece uniform

I’m now about a month in. And so far I’ve enjoyed it immensely. I’ve helped get the junior snails ready for their launch event, I’ve done one Route Master shift (my second is on Friday before I then revisit the snails as part of the Sponsored Snailway Safari - my poor legs!), and I’ve stood at the front of a crowd to welcome Harry and Meghan on their Royal visit to Brighton (this was a strange, but good, experience. Ask me about it sometime!). It’s great to see this wonderful city get behind a lovely local charity, and I’m loving playing a little part from it.

Inca snail gets some attention