IFO: Information

I’ve just started another online course. This time it’s from The University of Sheffield and it’s called Exploring Play. Last week was the first week and one of the activities was thinking about play in the context of your own childhood. It wasn’t a big surprise to see a lot of people mention playing on swings.

At the weekend I visited my Mum. Doing so involves a fair few train rides and some hanging around at stations. On the last trip I noticed that there was a swing in what looked like a Bird Cage near Kings Cross station. This trip I had a bit longer for my connection. And having been thinking about play and swings I took the chance to investigate.

FO: Day time. Swing not in use

It turns out to be an art installation called Identified Flying Object and it is part of the RELAY art programme.

The IFO itself, often referred to as ‘the birdcage’, due to its domed, cage-like structure, is made up of huge bars standing 9m high, wide enough for visitors to walk through and enjoy the swing, which hangs at its centre.

IFO: Lit up at night

It seemed to be well used by children. The seat is wide enough for an adult. And the supports look strong enough to make it safe for young and old alike. I didn’t see any adults reclaiming their childhood enjoyment. Maybe next time I go past in daylight I’ll give it a go.