I've just posted my first question to stackoverflow which relates to bugzilla and how to relate bugs across projects together and I figured I'd ask the question here as well. So here goes:
Within our environment we have a core codebase, and several client-specific implementations of that codebase. When a client raises an issue, we need to determine whether it is a client specific issue, or whether it is a core codebase issue.

We use bugzilla to track our bugs, and we have a bugzilla product for the core codebase, and also for the client implementation (as they have customised the offering to have enhanced functionality). When a client raises a bug that relates to the core codebase, we need to raise that bug in 2 bugzilla products - core and client - so that both teams know about the issue. Ideally, we'd relate these bugs together so that we don't waste effort attempting to fix it twice, and so that the 2 Project Managers are fully informed of the progress of that issue.

My best idea so far is to use a comment/description including the works "Relates to bug " as it appears that the words bug magically become a link to the specified bug making it easy to get to that other bug's detail. This can then be searched for via the "A comment contains the search" criteria.

How do others do this?