Forum 028 in StadtMuseum

Whilst we were in Munich the other week we paid a visit to the StadtMuseum as it seemed like a good way to get an overview of the city (and also to find out what the Typographie des Terrors exhibition was all about - propaganda basically). Whilst we were there we took a look at the photography exhibitions, and Forum 028 (google translated here) struck me as being really quite unusual and wonderful.

The photograph above is taken, sneakily, from the door as you leave and shows the scale of the display - 15 images x 40 images I think.  Each one of those squares is actually a set of images printed on paper that can easily be torn off - a bit like a telephone notepad idea. By removing the top image, you see a different image. You are encouraged to take a photograph or two away with you. Encouraged to interact with it. The result of this removal of images is that no two sets of visitors will (probably) ever see exactly the same collection. I rather like this variability based on direct human interaction.

I took away three images - two I removed from the display, one I picked up from a windowsill where a previous visitor had left it. They are found images I believe, photographs that the exhibitor has collected. Two of those images are below. Unfortunately they can't be interacted or manipulated in such a delightful manner. 



If you happen to be in Munich with some time to spare I'd recommend a trip to the StadtMuseum and a look at Forum 028 (as long as you're there before November 4th).