Some time last year I gained a thick, grey scarf, which whilst incredibly warm, was somewhat dull. On the train on the way back from my visit to see Mum, I started making the flowers for it and all that was left was attaching them. Turns out the flowers were the easy bit. 

This was the starting point, the freshly laundered scarf.

Raw scarf

I attached the first 3 flowers, and laid it flat, and was reasonably pleased with the positioning.

First 3 sewn on

But, when I picked the scarf up, the larger flowers flopped over. I attempted to attach some of the left hand flower's petals, but wasn't pleased with my attempt, although it did work better than the untouched flower at bottom right. The middle smaller flower looked just fine.

Floppy flowers

I contemplated removing all the flowers and reworking using all smaller flowers, but I was encouraged by my advisor to persist, and give it another go. This I did yesterday, and did a much more planned approach (using pins and everything!) and am happier with the results. They're still not perfect, but they're good enough I think. So, here they are with all 6 sewn on, laying flat.

All 6 attached

And here they are hanging vertically. There is still some general floppiness, but I didn't want to catch all the petals and make them really flat or too neat - some of their charm, to me, is the slightly scruffy, fluffy nature of them. So, it is a bit of a compromise, and I can always catch a few more up over time if I feel like it.

Less floppy flowers