When reading the flickr blog earlier I spotted a beautiful penguin photo, amongst a post about tomorrow (Sunday 15th June) being Nature Photography Day, and being a penguin fan I took a closer look.


adelie penguin antarctica
Originally uploaded by *christopher*

Among the sets that the photo belonged to was Most Interesting (automatic) which mentions that is automatically created by dopiaza's Flickr Set Manager. So, I took a look at the set generator, and created my own Most Interesting set. I've set it to show my 24 most interesting photos, and to refresh once a day.

Based on this set, my current most interesting photograph is this one:


Powder Mountain, Utah
Originally uploaded by Jane Dallaway

I'm quite surprised by how diverese the photos in this set are and it is quite fun to notice that, at least today, 6 of them are Stick figures in Peril