Sunday will see me heading down to Garage Studios, a local Brighton based photographic studio, to take a course entitled FLASH: Improve your lighting techniques. I own a Nikon SB-800 AF flash unit but only know how to do the very basics with it and would like to know how to do more.

I thought it would be useful to record what I hope to gain from attending the course, so that I can see how well it does and I do, so:

  • how to actually use my flash in anything other than the automatic mode
  • understand how to balance flash light against natural or alternative light sources to get the right exposure rather than having to correct in Lightroom
  • how to make use of reflectors
  • what difference is made by taking the flash off the camera

I'm really looking forward to my day, I am a bit anxious that I'm a total newbie on all things flash, but I was reassured that at least part of the day will be spent going back to basics (well, not back for me obviously) so I hope to learn lots...