Fixed Fitbit - top down view

When I visited the Power of making exhibition the other year, one of the items featured was this curious stuff sugru. I didn’t think much about it really until last week. I have a fitbit. I have dropped my fitbit on a couple of occasions and the top of it’s plastic covering - near the spring - had broken off. Originally only a small bit of the plastic had come away, but the other week yet more fell off.

Fitbit in need of repair

So I decided to give sugru a try and ordered a mini-pack.

It arrived a few weeks ago, and so the other weekend I decided to make my fix. I cleaned the fitbit surface, opened up a sachet of sugru, got it all over my hands, and the table, and then moulded it onto the fitbit. It was a bit like working with a dense modelling clay but wasn’t too difficult to work with. I managed to get it to be pretty smooth through lots of stroking with my thumb. It took ages to get off my hands though - I’d recommend having a nail brush handy.

Fixed Fitbit - side on view

The end result seems to have worked ok. I’m not sure how long it’ll last, but it feels much more robust when there aren’t bits of metal peeping out. The rest of the sugru is sitting in my fridge (to extend the life of it) until I find something else that needs repairing.