Simple envelope-backed cushion cover

One of the sewing projects I have in mind is some form of patchwork cushion cover. Having never sewn a cushion cover before but having 3 18 inch cushion inserts around the house (regular visitors may remember that the crocheted cushion cover was supposed to be for one of these) I wanted to do a practice run with something simple before moving on to patchwork/more involved sewing. Also it was creeping towards a month since I last got the sewing machine out for a spin and I could feel the fear building. So I got out the fabric I bought at Libertys in January and gave it a shot. I loosely followed these envelope-backed cushion cover instructions but was forced to improvise a bit.

The finished result is ok. The edges are reasonably straight - although I did have to do one edge twice as the first was all over the place. I also sewed all of the edges to give it more shape/structure (as opposed to only sewing the top and bottom).

The envelope bit gapes a little which is annoying. I followed the dimensions that were in the instructions so I guess it’s either the fabric choice - it is quite thin and flimsy -, an indication that actually a larger overlap than 3 inches would have been better, or, as I read elsewhere, possibly in need of a larger hem on the envelope edges. Maybe a combination of all of these. I need to have a think before the next attempt.

All in all though, I have a usable cushion. I also have a better idea of the dimensions to work to/buy fabric for when I start doing a more involved cushion cover. So, a good use of time and materials and good to get the machine out and keep the fear at a tolerable level.