In September I uploaded 91 photos to flickr.

Of these 91, 30 were part of my (relatively) new iPhone 365 project. This photograph is one of those - day 15 in fact.

It was taken using hipstamatic (john s lens and blanko film) on my iPhone4.

It is of the steps above Traeth Llyfn beach, possibly the most beautiful beach I've ever had the pleasure to spend time on. The only way down is via these steps.

Part of the reason I've chosen this as my photo of the month, is because I know what is just beyond these steps, how beautiful it is, and because I know that I held back from something obviously beautiful to ensure that I got the shot I wanted, with the hand rail just touching the right hand corner, and with the metal grid of the top step level. I have more photos of our week in Pembrokeshire to process, taken using either the d80 or one of two film cameras I carried around, so don't be surprised to see more of them appearing in my flickr stream.