It's over. Tuesday was my last day in the office, tomorrow is my last day officially working for Glass's (I've taken my last 3 days of holiday so that I have some time "between jobs").

It has been a bit of a roller coaster since the announcement was made in January that we were "in consultation", and then in February that the decision had been made to close the Crowborough office.

The positives are that everyone has found new jobs, and ones that sound good as well, everything has been handed over successfully to the new development teams, be they in Kent, Hungary or Bulgaria, and at least my experience is that the outsourced partners have been very sympathetic to our position and been very understanding.

The negatives are of course saying Goodbye to friends and colleagues. We had a great leaving meal last Thursday, but it was tinged with sadness, at least for me. Every time anyone had left prior to that there was always "See you at the meal in May", but on Thursday evening it was a far more final "Goodbye".

So, all of that said, It is now time to move on, and I'm looking forward to starting at Madgex on Tuesday.