Graffiti-ridden derelict sites have been given a much needed face-lift with extraordinary light art by Tigtab. Each image is created with the help of stencils. These intricate designs are revealed after a burst from a camera flash lights up the inside of the box. In this picture, a pond scene is created in a flooded derelict building.

She said : “My photos are predominantly shot using urban backdrops. I find beauty in decay – those abandoned and forgotten places all around us. By bringing light into the darkness of each space, it fills that space for a moment in time, and highlights both their beauty and impermanence”

Much like Banksy, Tigtab, from Melbourne, Australia, keeps her identity a closely guarded secret

Under cover of darkness, she can spend up to four hours creating just one photo

Tigtab creates her images using stencils

The stencils are placed on light boxes lined with silver foil. The intricate designs are revealed after a burst from a camera flash lights up the inside of the box very briefly

Tigtab moves around the room, tunnel or drain, repositioning the stencils and firing the flash repeatedly while the shutter of the camera is left open to create complex designs

The end result is so polished Tigtab said people often assume her work is computer generated. She said: “Speechless is a good description of people’s initial reactions to date. They will often stare in awe, unable to verbalise initially what they are seeing. I find that people keep returning to certain images, which is a wonderful compliment”

“Some people don’t realise that they are images that I have created, and then shot within that location,” she said. “They assume that they are entirely constructed within a computer, which is incorrect”

You can see more of Tigtab’s light painting at her Flickr site

Source : Telegraph

Wow. These are beautiful. I especially like the use of the urban landscape as the canvas, and can only imagine the amount of effort that must go into these photographs.