I read the article 22 experiments with disposable cameras the other day, which reminded me about the 2nd Madgex Photography challenge I set which was based around disposable cameras.

The challenge for Madgex was good, everyone in the group had a digital camera of some sort, even if it was their mobile phone, and nobody had shot with film for a while, and definitely not a disposable camera. It got people thinking, which is never a bad thing.

My set of hastily put together photos are on flickr, they're not great, but I did do them in about 30 minutes between the office and Colourstream (my photography lab of choice).

I really like some of the photographs that were submitted as part of the Gizmodo challenge and am really impressed with the lengths some people went to:

I took a Fujifilm Quicksnap flash 400 apart a little to get to the lens and shutter, I tied a small piece of string around the shutter so I could have a bulb setting.
The full set of submissions for that challenge are DavidNemersonDisposableWallpaper