On Saturday, whilst wandering around Margate, we popped in to The Pie Factory to see what exhibition they had on this time. It turned out to be Pushing Print - an exhibition of printmaking.

The stand out exhibit for me was Excavating Babel by Tina Hill. It's a structure, representing the story of Genesis apparently, made up of approximately 2,500 books which is big enough to stand inside and to have your vision and communication to the outside world blocked by books. Quite wonderful really.

Tina Hills says:

Excavating Babel is also a monument to books in general and on a personal level, the important place they have played in my life.

It reminded me of being in a second hand book shop in Hull that my Mum used to visit to stock up on books - there were always piles of books, seemingly randomly placed.

My kindle can hold approximately 3,500 books, so another 1000 on top of this, quite astounding really, and really gave me a sense of the scale of the number of words I can fit onto such a small device.