This evening I headed in to London to SkillsMatter to hear Robert Schneider talk about BigData, NoSQL, MapReduce and Hadoop

As a new iPad owner I was interested in experimenting and using my iPad as my note taking device, and as I often use mind-map style drawings for my event notes these days, I made use of Bamboo Paper and a stylus. What follows are my scrawlings.

First - Big Data

2012-03-19 22.01.30

Second - NoSQL

2012-03-19 22.01.34

2012-03-19 22.01.40

Third - MapReduce

2012-03-19 22.01.44

Fourth - Hadoop (including a photo)

2012-03-19 22.01.49

2012-03-19 19.56.14

Finally - hands on guides

2012-03-19 22.01.54

Some of the questions and answers were really interesting - especially around what skills a data based start up be looking for? Answer: some relational guys, some nosql guys - the experience of the relational people is still valuable, whilst people who aren't constrained by relational are also valuable.

It was quite a trip to get to Clerkenwell from Brighton and back again for an hour long talk, but it was worth it. Not because I learnt a lot, but because I already understood quite a few of the concepts being covered, and that means that my current learning process is working, and that reading books like Big Data Now: Current Perspectives from O'Reilly Radar and Facts are sacred: the power of data as well as submerging myself in blog posts and webcasts and other related resources is making a difference.

In related news, I've since bought a copy of the bamboo paper app as it was quite usable, and I like the fact I can either export pages as jpgs or export an entire notebook as a pdf sending it directly to evernote if I choose to.