As a result of reading this article I got to thinking about my notes and where they're stored. I've taken a lot of notes over the years on my iPhone/iPod touch and one of the first apps I bought was the excellent Appigo Notes app as this let me get my notes off my device and on to the internet (at the time the native notes app didnt sync anywhere). This has served me well.

Since dropbox came into my life I've relied on it more and more, storing lots of notes and work on it. Discovering the PlainText app helped too, allowing me to access and edit the text on the fly.  Other notes apps are available which work with dropbox too, and I'm planning to find out a bit more about them.

But, now I've got notes in 2 places. Toodledo notes (synchronised from Appigo Notes) and Dropbox. Both are accessible via the iPhone. Neither has it's content searched by the iPhone search function. Dropbox seems to give me more options, and makes it much easier for editing generally.  If I can track down a notes app which does the following, I'll be moving everything over to dropbox:

  • Search content
  • Launch the editor from within dropbox itself
  • Work offline
  • Work across all the folders in my dropbox - I have notes in quite a few different folders depending on whether they're shared with others or not