On Saturday I attended the 6th of the DDD days held at Microsoft campus in Reading. This was my first DDD, although I have attended a WebDD and the recent SQLBits day this year.

The day was again broken into 5 sessions, with 4 streams. The sessions I attended were:

I was pleased with my session choice and gained lots from all the speakers. I combined some talks that I knew aspects about (like the Continuous Integration one) with those that I'd not come across before (ASP.NET dynamic data controls - which look really handy for admin sites etc, and Astoria). I had to do a swift session swap for session 3 as I'd sat myself down ready to learn about Business apps with WPF with Oliver Sturm when he mentioned it was part 2 and I'd misread the agenda. Still, I got to learn about astoria which was really interesting and sounds really useful. My final session of the day was silly yet fun as Dave and Richard led a mass schwag giveaway hosting a game of "A question of swag" followed by a game of "Swaggity Swag".

The schwag bag wasn't great, consisting of just a pen - not even a notebook this time - but the hour of free training that innerworkings provided is a great gift to come away with.

All in all, another great developer conference and an opportunity to catch up with some familiar faces from the previous days.