Today seems to have been a day of finding cool data visualisation links.

Firstly, via information aesthetics I found Christian Nold's Emotional Cartography eBook which

is a collection of essays from artists, designers, psychogeographers, cultural researchers, futurologists and neuroscientists, brought together by Christian Nold, to explore the political, social and cultural implications of visulising intimate biometric data and emotional experiences using technology.

This is especially of interest to me as Christian was one of the speakers at last years Geekyoto, and I blogged at the time about the beautiful maps he'd produced using emotional responses to different geographic areas.

And then, via Cool Infographics a link to the online magazine Visualisation Volume 2 which explores the use of circles as visualisation tools. Finding this also resulted in me exploring Visualisation Volume 1. Both of these are good illustrations on the many ways to report data, and some of the examples used in Volume 2 can also be found in beautiful book Data Flow: Visualising information in graphic design which is sitting on my bookshelf waiting for me to read some more.