A friend of mine has just had a baby, and several months ago I decided I'd make a baby blanket for her. The baby was expected to be a little girl, and fortunately for me and my colour choice, she is a baby girl. She was born last week, but at the time of writing I'm yet to meet her as she's busy being adored by family.

Baby blanket rolled

As this was only my third blanket project, I wanted something simple and that wouldn't be too time consuming, in case the baby arrived early. After a quick look on ravelry I decided that the Super Simple Baby Blanket sounded like just the ticket. I looked through the yarns I already had, and decided that I'd use what I'd learned so far to ensure I chose something appropriate. My friend is a vegan, and so that gave me either cottons or acrylics to work from, and there were a couple of acrylic baby yarns I'd quite liked, and so I thought I'd use them. The blanket is made from Jarol Supersoft in white, and Wendy Bambino in Lilac, both DK weight, with the yarns combined to make a more chunky sized yarn. 

Baby blanket close up

As you can see from the photo above, it's simply lots of rows of double crochet, which means it's dead easy and doesn't need counting or too much attention - I did quite a bit of it watching the tour de france actually. But that isn't to say that there wasn't any unravelling. There was. I realised quite early on that while I'd been at my in-laws crocheting away merrily my tension had gone all over the place and the blanket was widening row by row at an alarming rate. So, it was unravelled to the last good position and I continued. 

Baby blanket closer corner

I finished the blanket with a couple of rounds of single crochet (still using both yarns), and then a row of reverse single crochet using double lilac yarn. I'm very pleased with the edging actually as it gave it a nice, tight finish and I can see me using the reverse single crochet idea again.

All that remains is for me to hand the parcel over, and then release this blog post into the wild!

Baby blanket wrapped and ready