Following on from yesterday's experiences of Day 1:

Our first session today was about colour theory - and included lots of information about primary, secondary and tertiary colours, about colours which are opposite each other in the colour wheel and colours which harmonise. We headed out briefly for a quick colour based photo shoot but it was raining and pretty miserable so spent most of the time in Taj.


We then moved on to more advanced camera settings - covering aperture, shutter speed and exposure compensation in more detail - before heading out into the rain again for some more practice.


The final part of the course covered hints and tips for editing photos and Denise was careful to show techniques that could apply to all photo-editing software, and not just concentrating on Photoshop. I gained some helpful hints about exporting images for print and about recommended places locally to use for printing.

A good day, with lots of reaffirmations that I really do know how to handle my camera. I didn't pick up as much from the technical sessions but found the colour based session really informative. So, my next steps are:

  • continue taking photos, making taking some based on projects - i.e. colour, photos that emulate masters of photography images etc
  • look at more masters of photography and iconic photographs
  • attend some of the Brighton Photo Fringe exhibitions, talks and workshops
  • read more books