Colored Thread Installations by Gabriel Dawe thread installation color


When I was at primary school we did some thread art. It involved a polystyrene tile, some pins and threads. Mine was a total mess, got knotted, and I think I was despaired of by my teacher.

This made me think of that.

And also reminded me of the fact that I didn't get on particularly well with that particular teacher. I had problems with a piece of English comprehension about squirrels. I couldn't get the final answer right no matter how I worded it. I got so worked up about it that I didn't sleep well and Mum got concerned enough to try and help me sort it out. She couldn't suggest an answer that would be acceptable either. So she paid a visit to the teacher to try and sort it out. I can't quite remember how it resolved itself, but I know I was finally allowed to move on to the next exercise. 

I haven't thought of that for years. Funny how memories get triggered isn't it?