The other weekend I found myself in a pretty place with enough spare time to do a bit of work for a comparison of the different "film types" available for ClassicTOY to try and work out what the best option would be for a landscape. I thought this might be of interest to others, so here they all are.

Note: These photos were all taken within minutes of each other, in non changing weather, but not under any form of "controlled circumstances"

The "control photo", taken with the native iPhone 2G camera:

Original - taken on normal iPhone camera

Photo taken with "CLS Original #2"

CLS Original #2

Photo taken with "CLS Original #1"

CLS Original #1

Photo taken with "Overexposured B/W"

Overexposured B/W

Photo taken with "Overexposured Color"

Overexposured Color

Photo taken with "Vintage Damaged"

Vintage Damaged

Photo taken with "Vivid"


Photo taken with "High Speed B/W"

High Speed B/W

Photo taken with "Desaturated"


Photo taken with "Normal Sepia"

Normal sepia

Photo taken with "Normal B/W"

Normal B/W

Photo taken with "Normal Positive"

Normal Positive

Photo taken with "Normal Negative"

Normal Negative


My usual first choice of "film" for this app is Vivid, but it doesn't work quite so well for me as some of the others in this scenario (which is kind of why I did this exercise i the first place).

None of the black and white, or sepia, options really stand out for me.  Of them all, the Overexposured B/W is probably the best, but I wouldn't really rate any of them.

So, normal positive seems to be the most similar to the standard iPhone camera colours, but still has a bit more something about it, for instance the definition in the reflections are bolder and stand out better.  Definitely an improvement over the standard.  I think this will become my first choice for landscapes.