Rating: 5 out of 5

I wasn’t sure at what point I could consider a recipe book to be read. But I think, having made a decent proportion of the recipes, now is the time. All the recipes I’ve tried have turned out successful. The cookies I’ve baked haven’t lingered in the tin and seem to have been enjoyed.

The recipes I have made are:

- Crispy - a surprise, I didn’t think I’d like a crispy cookie. Turns out they were rather moreish
- Soft
- Chewy - I used chopped hazelnuts
- Chocolate-macadamia - the notes I made at the time simply say ‘These were yummy!’
- Oatmeal-raisin - these were fantastic, tasty, great texture. One of the favourites.
- Granola & chocolate - which I used my own granola for
- Peanut butter - made twice, both times good
- Sweet potato - quite cakey texture
- Salted caramel - I used some salted caramel that a friend brought back from Jersey rather than making my own as the recipe suggests

There are still a couple of recipes that I’ve got sticky notes against to try at some point. But I’ve already started revisiting some which means I think it’s time for a review of the recipe book.

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