This evening I've been experimenting with some C# stuff at home. The project I've set myself is to read an xml file into a grid, handle updates and write out both an xml file and a html sample which can then be fed into the Brighton Bloggers list page (at the moment it is updated by hand in HTML whenever there is a change). I could have done the development in my usual home time tool choice of PHP and mySQL, but this seems to be a better way of furthering my C#/.NET knowledge.

Thus far I've created a sample XML file, and have got that being read into a datagrid (with help from MSDN) and can make changes to the data and get it to be written (again with help from MSDN). I've also sorted the datagrid into alphabetical order (based on blog name).

Tasks remaining:
1) Write out an alphabetically ordered HTML list (using appropriate Brighton Bloggers styles) for all the active blogs in the list
2) Add a check to go off and verify all the blogs in the list, and ensure that a response is found