I got an email from Blogger the other day telling me that they planned to stop ftp publishing. This was the method I used for my blogs. So, I had a couple of options. One was to move to a Blogger hosted blog, the other was to leave Blogger and move elsewhere. After a bit of thought, I decided to move away as my experience of Blogger had deteriorated over the years resulting in us already having to move the janeandrichard blog to wordpress. So, after a bit of research I've moved to Posterous. After a bit more thought I decided to merge my 2 blogs together into one blog which will just have to cope with being fragmented across multiple topics. My prime reason for blogging remains to enable me to find things in the future (hello future Jane) and to practice writing stuff. With the photography stuff it is also there for me to practice and get into a habit of writing about my photographs and critiquing myself - hopefully so I improve.