It had been a busy few days over at Madgex. We are one of the premium sponsors at dConstruct, running the backnetwork and hosting barcampbrighton over the weekend. To be fair, its been business as normal most of the time, but we did have to pack all our kit away this evening in preparation for an office shuffle.


Our t-shirts turned up this afternoon for dConstruct and then five of us headed off to the Dome to setup our stand for dConstruct and after a bit of fun working out what how to put the thing up, we ended up with a pretty good looking area. I'm meeting Nick tomorrow morning to set up the PCs before registration and then we're good to go. We've also got flyers in all of the dConstruct bags for the various jobs we are recruiting for at the moment (mainly C# developers, creative designer types and an information architect).


I took advantage of being there this evening to register ahead of time, and so am now happily sorting through my schwag, and stickering stuff.

After a quick burger at GBK, where most of the rest of the geek community of Brighton were, we headed off to Heist for a few pre-conference beers at the pre-conference party.

Taken from backnetwork, here is my blogroll prior to the conference kicking off properly - it'll be interesting to see whether it grows over the weekend.