A couple of weeks ago I spent a few hours wandering around the Brighton Made craft fair, a craft fair that I thoroughly enjoyed and that surpised me by the quality of the exhibitors. 

As I'm currently obsessed by weaving, three of the leaflets that have been sitting on my desk waiting for me to do something with (which linking to them here counts as) are weaving related. So, in no particular order:

  • Leto & Ariadne who did woven silk scarves, which were beautiful, very fine work. The Evelyn Waugh collection is based on Brideshead revisited, and the colour schemes get darker as the story gets darker. The chap on the stand was really talkative and very engaging
  • Holly Berry who did blankets and scarves and wants her stuff to last for generations. She says (via her about page):
    Using Morse-code words and patterns in my textiles creates vivid statements, different on each side of the cloth, communicating messages of love and comfort
  • Zoe Acketts who had a more tactile approach, with different textiles and textures working together to make the finished products very touchable

And I didn't manage to escape without spending money. I bought two things. A Fiona Howard tea towel for a (non blog reading) friend as part of her Christmas present (we visited her open house together in May and my friend remarked how much she liked the design) and a beautiful blue leather handbag for myself from Wolfram Lohr (who delivered it to me in person on Monday).

An excellent fair to wander around, and definitely one to put into my diary for next year.