I've been looking after the Brighton Bloggers site for almost 9 years now, and anyone who has been keeping an eye on the site may have noticed that new sites are added less and less frequently. This isn't because there aren't still lots of bloggers contacting me, it's more that I haven't prioritised those additions.

This week I took some time to think about Brighton Bloggers and work out what to do with it. On my to do list for many, many years has been a task to create a proper admin site, and add features to the site to allow it to be less intrusive on my time. I haven't done this, and I don't see myself getting around to doing this any time soon as there are more personally satisfying and/or important projects taking up my spare time (like 30YearsAgoToday and Mum's storyline project). But, rather than closing the site down altogether, I decided to simplify it. So now, if you visit this site what you'll see is just a list of blogs. Gone is the blog, the OPML file, the aggregated feed of recent blog posts from the bloggers, the meetup page, the search functionality and the links page - arguably this was all noise anyway. This simplifies it to just adding a link and name to an HTML page and uploading it to the server. This shouldshould mean it's lot less time consuming, and I'm much more likely to do the updates regularly.

We'll see!