Last night I went to our local camera club for the first time. I had been thinking about going for a while, but didn't think I was good enough and felt embarassed by my efforts. Over the weekend we popped along to their exhibition at the Gardner Arts Centre and I realised that they had a wide cross-section of styles and talents, and that I wasn't far behind some of them and so could probably learn by association.

Last night was a slide show by a Father and Son team. Paul, the son, did a show on his different styles of photography and some were very impressive especially this. Father, Roger, did a show based on photos he took during a trip to Patagonia - some very impressive icebergs and glaciers. I have much to learn.

The club has a lot of, how do I put this politely?, older members, but the people I spoke to were all very nice and chatty, so I'll probably go again.

[taken from an original post to yak and natter]