Every Sunday morning the Brain Pickings Weekly email appears in my inbox. On a good day, I’ll have some time to myself to luxuriate in it, to read, to allow thoughts and feelings time to flourish, to follow the links and enjoy the journey. This morning was exactly like that.

I started with the first article Bear and Wolf: A Tender Illustrated Fable of Walking Side by Side in Otherness and opened links to read next - Friend or Foe?: A Lovely Illustrated Fable About Making Sense of Otherness, and Staying Alive: Mary Oliver on How Books Saved Her Life and Why the Passion for Work Is the Greatest Antidote to Pain. And those also had links for me to follow - The Jacket: A Sweet Illustrated Meta-Story about How We Fall in Love With Books, and A Book Is a Heart That Only Beats in the Chest of Another: Rebecca Solnit on the Solitary Intimacy of Reading and Writing. And on it went. Until after about an hour I called a stop and headed off in search of tea. I picked up my journal and wrote

I love having the time, and curiosity, to follow a path, a unique journey through one of these articles. I only tend to ‘visit’ one of the included stories in detail. And I suspect that if I were to revisit I’d travel a different path. And that feels special, a bit ‘choose your own adventure’. A different perspective, a different mood would result in a different pathway.

I love my Sunday morning journeys. Thank you Maria Popova and Brain Pickings.