The venue that I go for my Monday evening geek yoga is hosting the Blair's Boy exhibition, showing the photo essay by Tom Wichelow, best described by himself in full here, summarised as

These photographs portray a year in the life of a young man from Brighton. A young person whose life has been subtlely shaped by certain political ideas and by an era in English history. An era that our new government claims has left us with an unprecedented public debt and a social welfare system that encourages young people to live off state handouts.

The display is simple, with the photographs tacked to the wall, and the two large photographs are very pleasing to look at. One of those is the one above, taken from a Guardian gallery , and the other is the photograph titled "Replying to a friend in prison".

The exhibition is only on for the rest of the week, so I'd recommend heading on and taking a look at it.