Today's photographic adventure was much shorter than the one a couple of weeks ago.  Today, I only visited one exhibition, held at the University of Brighton.  It is described as:

Alejandro Chaskielberg (ARG) and Esteban Pastorino Diaz (ARG) are Argentine photographers whose respective work, in this selection, engages with and further pushes the language of contemporary photography by shooting during darkness.

First, a disclaimer.  I love night and low-light photography.  So, any night based work is always going to be of interest to me.  And these certainly didn't disappoint.  I enjoyed the Alejandro Chaskielberg photographs from the High Tide series, but I absolutely loved the Esteban Pastorino Diaz work from the Salamone series.

His work is beautifully presented in black and white, and yet again, appeals to my sense of the recording of a series of things.  The photographs cover examples of the work of the architect Francisco Salamone, recording Town Halls and Cemetery portals but also slaughterhouses, all photographed at night, on film.

Over the weekend, I did attempt a bit of low light photography, but I really need to read or re-read my two low-light photography books and brush up my theory as they are rather poor attempts when compared against the many great works I've seen during the BPB/fringe so far this month, reminding me, yet again, how good it is to be inspired by such talented photographers.